Get tons of files quickly and with little effort

Download binaries with the tool experts use


Spend less time downloading and more time enjoying your downloads

TLNews 2.0 is a Usenet newsreader designed for downloading from your favorite binary newsgroups. All you need is a Usenet service provider and you’ll be ready to enjoy such benefits as:

• Download using multiple connections and across servers

• Get headers using new and innovative download methods

• Easiest Usenet download program around!

Key Benefits

Looking for FREE music, videos, pictures and files?

All you need is a Usenet account (get one) and you are ready to go! TLNews 2.0 will download and recombine multipart binaries automatically.

Spend LESS time waiting in line and MORE time enjoying your downloads!

With TLNews 2.0, you will never have to wait for your files. Get files quickly using multiple connections and servers to maximize your downloading speed.

Download in total privacy!

With TLNews 2.0 you don’t share files or show others what you are downloading. TLNews 2.0 can even be used with stunnel, providing standard SSL encrypted connections to your Usenet provider for maximum security and anonymity.

Set it and forget it!

Downloading with TLNews 2.0 is just that easy. Save the articles you want to one or several download lists and start the download. TLNews 2.0 will download, recombine and save the files automatically.

Built for heavy download jobs!

Power users will find managing their downloads easier with TLNews 2.0’s queueable download lists, cross-server downloads and multi-connection downloads, even when download lists exceed several hundred of thousand of articles.

Download headers faster!

With TLNews 2.0 you do not have to use only one connection when downloading headers from a single but very large newsgroup. TLNews 2.0 will intelligently spread the download across any number of connections, providing you with the headers you want faster than any other competing products.

It’s cheaper to buy than to rent!

With TLNews 2.0 you don’t waste money by renting a license that will require annual renewal. Once you purchase your copy, you can use the TLNews Newsreader for as long as you own its license.

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